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A): Welcome to Our Innovative 

 DENTAM Chess Center


Dr.  A. Melekhin,  Ph.D.  is  the  Founder  and Head of  DENTAM Chess Center - the most Affordable, Accessible, Practical, and Effective The Chess Knowledge Center at the moment in the World

Top 10 New Features:

  1. Personal Chess Lessons
  2. Chess Games Analysis
  3. Group Chess Training
  4. Chess Club Online 24/7
  5. Chess Rating Calculations
  6. Online Chess Playing
  7. Collaborative Chess Learning
  8. Inventive Chess Therapy
  9. Chess Educational System
  10. Comprehensive Chess Consulting

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B): Practical Benefits of Chess at


DENTAM Chess Center

Those individuals of all ages who are constantly engaged in chess-learning-process, have significant practical advantages over other people. Such down-to-earth advantages are well known and described in the scientific and popular literature as Benefits of Chess:
  •   The structure of the brain changes and improved
  •   The brain works more efficiently and effectively:
1. Children & Young people -  Improve Academic Achievement: schoolwork and grades; Standard Test Scores; academic performance; mathematical, spatial-reasoning, and thinking ability; attention span; visual, short-, and long-term memory; the overall IQ score and emotional intelligence EI; etc.
2. Children & Young people - Excel in Chess: winning chess games and tournaments; increase in chess rating; obtaining titles and win prizes; increase prestige in the eyes of others; raising self-assertion and self-esteem; college scholarships; etc.

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  •   Significant development of critical skills and thinking in patterns
  •   Substantial increase in recognition and problem-solving appraisal:
3. Young & Middle-aged people - Increase the Quality of Life (QoL)chess provides way to developing decision making skills improving people life; it requires chess players to make a series of  decisions each move, estimate alternatives, and use logic to realize better choice; superior decision-making is an essential life skill; etc.

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  •    It strengthens the structure of all parts of the brain
  •    It advantages of exercising both sides of the brain:
4. Middle-aged & Elderly adults - Prevent, Stop, and Reverse Brain Disorders: Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease, Sports and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Stroke Recovery, etc.); Depression and Anxiety; Schizophrenia; Autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Learning Disability, and Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD or ADHD); and some others
Summarizing the research findings on the impact of chess-learning-process on the structure and functioning of the human brain, we can confidently say that chess has a very positive influence (Practical Benefits of Chess) on people of Any Age.

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C): Affordable, Accessible, & Effective 


DENTAM Chess Center


with 4 mutually reinforcing elements: 


1. Chess Broadcasting or Chess Wi-Fi

Invite, Play, and Watch Chess online with you chess friends, club & team members, and relatives around the World at any time. No more strangers to playing. No Spam. No Hassle. No Ads. Membership Required.


2. Chess Time Control & Management

Improve your Chess Time Control skills - Clear understand your Chess Time Management habits - Then build the ability to work with CHESS TIME CALCULATOR!                        Membership Required.


3. Personal Chess Lessons, Group Chess Training, Coaching, & Education Online

Enable you to improve your personal chess training process -   Innovative and Accelerated Chess Coaching Program BEELINE-to-CHESSMASTER - Make access to available Chess Personal Learning materials  etc.             More about Products & Prices...

4. Powerful, Dynamic, and Collaborative Chess Networking Learning System Online

By Registering at out Products page and  Filling out Chess Profile, Active Members are getting unlimited access 24/7 to a New, Very Powerful, Dynamic, and Active Chess Networking Learning System Online: CHESSFACEBOOK
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DENTAM Chess Center