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Alisa Melekhina, Aleksandr Melekhin, chess, DENTAM Chess Center, world chess, coach, time control, chess broadcast, chess wifi, chess facebook,


Aleksandr Melekhin, chess, chess networking website, world chess, coach, time control, chess broadcast, chess wifi, chess facebook,

Dr.  A. Melekhin,  DDS, Ph.D. is the Founder and Head of  CHESSFACEBOOK™

Garry Kasparov, Alisa Melekhina, Aleksandr Melekhin, chess, world chess, coach, time control, chess broadcast, chess wifi, chess facebook,

World Champion Garry Kasparov and Aleksandr Melekhin at The 2008 Training Chess Session in New York.

Claroline© - Chessfacebook™ is now using this open source Learning Management System

Rusudan Goletiani, Anna Zatonskykh, Aleksandr Melekhin, China 2009

World Women's Team Championship in Yingbo, China 2009. USA Team: R. Goletiani, A. Zatonskukh, T. Abrahamian, A. Melekhina - Courtesy of

DENTAM Chess Center

Learning of chess is a endless and unlimited knowledge creating process. Most often, a chess education occurs while playing chess game. Great place to learn chess is Chess Club with the experience chess players. This is also true for online Chess Clubs.
Our chess club online CHESSFACEBOOK™  is a very convenient option for chess training, coaching, learning, and education because it has unique properties of Dynamic Interaction between chess players not only within the club, but clubs surrounding him.   
However, there are many situations when, suddenly, a chess player's forward progress ends, or player does not know how significantly improve the quality and result of his chess games.     
To successfully address these problems,  Dr.  A. Melekhin, DDS,  Ph.D.  also developed Innovative and Accelerated Chess Coaching Program:  BEELINE-to-CHESSMASTER . Unique program features include fast and effective elevation of the results and quality of a players'  games to the Chess Master's level.
 Four main principles underlie this chess education program:
  •  Identifying the strengths of the chess player and his style
  •  Revealing weaknesses in the chess players' games and their impact on the negative results
  •  Overriding and eliminating existing mistakes and errors in the chess players' games
  •  Boosting strengths and promoting chess players' style, bringing Chess Masters' level skills

DENTAM Chess Center

There are 6 courses of this Innovative and Accelerated Chess Coaching Program BEELINE-to-CHESSMASTER:
For rapid and effective chess training, we have successfully used Claroline© - eLearning and eWorking platform (Learning Management System)  - which is fully integrated in our private chess server. Claroline© is organized now for specific chess training activities and dynamic interaction with other chess players. This platform was started in Belgium, in 2004. It is now available in 35 languages & over 100 countries.

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This Innovative and Accelerated Chess Coaching Program includes 4 Levels or Categories of chess players skills:
  •  Starting at 0 - 799 Level
  •  Improving at 800 - 1399 Level
  •  Progressing at 1400 - 1999 Level
  •  Gaining Mastery at 2000 - 2400+ Level  
To apply for the Program, please Contact Us.
You can find more information about Innovative and Accelerated Chess Coaching Program at Products & Prices...

DENTAM Chess Center™


The  Actuality  of  Chess  Challenges: 1. Worldwide, 600 - 700 million people (1 billion over next 5 years) play chess. However, there are only 8 million registered chess players in all countries. For example, in the United States 45 million people are playing chess but only 85,000 (0.2%) active registered and just only 800 titled chess players. 2. Electronic revolution & Internet have significantly  increased the role of chess in the world.  Today more than 285 million people play chess online.  3. Therefore, top objectives for our DENTAM Chess Center  include the following: (1) increase the number of Chess Players Online; (2) build, manage, and have total control over your Chess Time Management skills; (3) make chess-learning-process more convenient, efficient, and significantly boost the quality of the chess games with BEELINE-to-CHESSMASTER; (4) achieve the maximum Benefits of Chess for players constantly improving their chess knowledge at our Chess Club Online CHESSFACEBOOK.




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