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The  Actuality  of  Chess  Challenges: 1. Worldwide, 600 - 700 million people (1 billion over next 5 years) play chess. However, there are only 8 million registered chess players in all countries. For example, in the United States 45 million people are playing chess but only 85,000 (0.2%) active registered and just only 800 titled chess players. 2. Electronic revolution & Internet have significantly  increased the role of chess in the world.  Today more than 285 million people play chess online.  3. Therefore, top objectives for our DENTAM Chess Center  include the following: (1) increase the number of Chess Players Online; (2) build, manage, and have total control over your Chess Time Management skills; (3) make chess-learning-process more convenient, efficient, and significantly boost the quality of the chess games at The ChessLyceum; (4) achieve the maximum Benefits of Chess for players constantly improving their chess knowledge at our Chess Club Online The ChessNasium.



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